Mddatasetbw getcelldata error code

fields to be added in BUT000 table. i want to proceed with BDT. but i can not see any step by step doc for this. can anyone help me in this! Good afternoon all, Right I inherited this great little printer last year, it worked great with Windows 7 but now it wont work with Windows 8, it appears to be installed and the drivers are all up to date but when I use it to print a pile of random c. Hi Ingo, here is the info. 1 Windows server Enterprise SP2 SAP BI SAP Netweaver BI 7. 0, Release 700 Level 18 SAPKW70018 Yes. I agree that there is not concept of free chars in BO. Unicode error in program I am getting the following error when I do a syntax check when using a PNP logical database with unicode checkbox checked in attributes. Each method of the MDDataProviderBW and MDDataSetBW OLAP BAPIS contains the Return export parameter. This export table returns warnings, error- and success messages generated during execution of the methods to the application making the call up. GetCellData( 2), GetCellData( 3), GetCellData( 1) I' d like to get clarification if this is expected or not and/ or if there is anything that can be done to have requests be 0- based.

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    Mddatasetbw getcelldata code

    The provider does not know that Excel is driving it ( as far as I can tell) so it can' t detect that in such a situation it would. Hi, Most probably you are experiencing this problem because you have not configured the necessary WS client policy il or because you have configured a WS client policy which is not compatible with the server- side WS policy. Hi, The MDX parser in the universe designer just check the XML Tags or Syntax. It does not validate the expression. The YTD, QTD, MTD functions in the universe designer requires a reference to a predefined time chararcteristics eg. Code Break for WEBI report Could someone help me in the following code which is in Custom SQL. In the code in the From Clause there is a code which acts as Table. How can I achieve this in WEBI as a single code. Scribd is the world' s largest social reading and publishing site. hi, i face the same problem. recomendation from SAP AG was to install the same version between server and client. my server have version Sp 2 patch 10, but when i installed the same version in client side, there was bugs, the interactive analysis desktop was not there, event on patch 21, also Qaaws cannot connect to server.

    Sbo41sp3 Fixed Issues En. user from selecting any values. this fix will not work because the prompt’ s list of values is lost. Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP Powered by phpBB © phpBB Group Generated in 0. 0306 seconds using 15 queries. 0269) Mozilla/ 5. Dear Friends, I created a webi Report on universe ( Based on SAP BW Bex Query with variables). its working fine. Now i want to show the selected variable values on the top of my webi report. Hello Gurus, We are trying to send the message by email by using SHDB ( to be able to generate our own Z code) Then we are using CALL TRANSACTION ( ME9F transaction) by giving parameters of required PO number The email is being sent through SMTP – status OK. The Objects that I am pulling into the Report are: LO1 Customer/ L01 Customer Key/ L01 Fiscal Year/ L01 Fiscal Quarter/ L01 Fiscal Period/ L01 Company Code/ L01 Company Code Key/ L01 Product Family/ Gross Sales Amt/ Gross Sales Qty. We had faced similar issue while sceduling some of the reports. off late we found this issue from the DB side where if the report is scheduled during business hours due to peak loads they use load balancer concept. Have you created a DSN on the server ( If using SQL server) or an entry in the TNSANAMES.

    ORA file for Oracle? Also make sure the ODBC connections are named exactly the same. The BEx Web Analyzer is a standalone, convenient Web application for data analysis that you can call using a URL or as an iView in the portal. my issue_ code column has results = OK and the date. An example would be OKwhere the last 8 digits is in the YYYYMMDD format. How can i calculate the # of PO# s that had OK as their issues during a given month. Maybe you are looking for. I deleted a calendar tab& period; How can I get the data back& quest; I accidently deleted the calendar tab of my wife and deleted all her apoointments on her iphone and the iMac. thanks in Appdiscovery and Appenforce. log am getting below error, but through the same program of Adobe reader 11. 0 am able to install this on local machine without any issue. Help Syntax : Search this topic. | Search Semantic Layer / Universe Designer.

    | Search Box Register or Login to Post Forum Index. Hi Shreya, There are few things that you need to consider while displaying the data. 1 - Can an Account Number be associated to more than one Order Number? Hi all Our BO Product version is 12. 1) We are applying row level security for webi reports at universe level. Since Universes are more in Number we have to create same restrictions and apply it to the users lets take a restrictions o. Hello, When using Excel as the client to drive an OLE DB for OLAP provider connecting to an Oracle database, it appears that Excel is making requests for cell data ( GetCellData calls) using a 1- based request whereas I was expecting a 0- based request. Hi Error: Not possible to determine shipping data for material I am trying to create an STO ( me21n) for plant to plant transfer of stocks within one company code ( intra compnay). I do not have any customer or shipping/ delivery details. Error: please enter the date value in correct format DD- MON- RRRR Hi all, First of all I am 100 % learning oracle financial no technical background. I am trying to run a report: - the calendar does not appear in order for me to choose the date - Besides that when I enter the date ieor 10/ 09/ the syste.

    I have some code, where I count the total rows (. RowCount) visible rows (. VisibleRowCount), as well as the columns (. Then I loop to populate an array of the now correct size with the contents of the cells, paging down once I hit the visible row limit & stopping at the total row limit. Select on queue table. Hi, A Queue Table has been defined with payload type as SYS. AQ$ _ JMS_ MESSAGE. In java a property has been defined using setStringProperty( " AdditionalMsgID", ' 123456' ). See RFC trace file or SAP system log for more details It was working when we migrated the objects initially. I have created an RDL file. Returns the cell ordinal of the cell which fits the selection. 1 Return Table Name Description TYPE Message type: S Success. Import parameter StartCell Import table Members Export parameter Cell 3.

    This a component of the Web Application Designer. The Errors and Warnings screen area is used to display errors and warnings that are found when a Web template is being verified. Hi Prashant, Have you made any progress on this? If so, what are the steps you' ve taken to resolve? I am also experiencing the same errors when attempting to set up the Audit universe and reports. 0 SP 4, Patch 4Audit database on SQL Server. Hello AllWhen we try to run WEBI report on BW query for Cost center accounting infocube its giving following error when we add measure in the info view. BI- RA- WBI* How do you cache scheduled documents to the repository for f 04. BI- RA- WBI* You are unable to access the Administrator Panel after you u 17.